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Do NOT buy a used boat without getting a
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Do NOT buy a used boat without getting a Marine Survey before you close the deal.
40 2008 Beneteau Oceanis Auxiliary Sloop, 54 hp fresh-water cooled marine diesel inboard engine, Glass $169,900 - File #: SA5749 - Reduced!
36' 1987 Bayfield Cutter, Yanmar 44 HP marine diesel inboard engine, Glass $74,500.00 - File #: SA5736 - Reduced!
35' 1989 Mirage Sloop, Volvo Penta 2000 series, 3 cylinder, 28hp, cylinder Diesel Inboard; fresh-water cooling, Glass $34,900.00 - File #: 5742 - SOLD!
34' 1988 Catalina Sloop, 1988 Universal 25XP, 3 cylinder, fresh water cooling (heat exchanger); , Glass $34,900.00 - File #: SA5755 - SOLD!
34' 1999 Dog Star Ketch, Yanmar 3GM, 20hp Diesel Inboard; heat exchanger, Wood $36,900.00 - Reduced! File #: SA5730
27' 1985 C & C Sloop, Yanmar model 1GM 9 HP diesel inboard fresh water cooled engine, Glass $12,900.00 CAD - SOLD! File #: SA5782
25' 11" 2006 Judel Vrolijk Pro-25, Honda 2.3 HP (2012), Corecell epoxy/E-glass with carbon stiffening, $29,800.00 USD Reduced! File #: SA5668
How to Buy a Boat
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