Don Robertson's Marine Marketplace
Hosting Rates

We will set up a web site linked from the appropriate section of the Marine Marketplace to promote your marine related business, club or facility. For as little as $400.00 CAD per year, ($490.00 CAD with with a virtual server setup for your own domain name). (Click here for values in other currencies: Xenon Labs Currency Converter) per year you can have an effective presence on the internet. This price includes a reasonable amount of revisions and additions throughout the year.

The information you can provide here is limited only by imagination. You can have all the text you want (within reason, to about 10 double spaced typewritten pages or so), and there is no charge for page set up if the copy is supplied in ascii format via Email or disk. Photos, logos and art work will be scanned at no charge.

If you want an elaborate set up, costs will vary according to the time required.

If you already have a site set up on another server, we will set up a link to it from an appropriate section of the Marine Marketplace for $150.00 CAD per year.

NOTE: There is no charge for a link to many types of NON-PROFIT organizations such as boni-fide yacht clubs.

For more information contact Don Robertson (905) 566-0000 Fax: (905) 566-1441

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